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New Note

Take notes to remember things. Capture information while you're on the move: take a note when you have an idea, thought or action item.

New Photo Note

See something you want to remember? Take a photo and save it. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can create photo notes, attach photos to existing notes and use pictures from other Android™ applications.

New Reminder Note

Want to make sure you remember something important on a certain day? Create a reminder note and get notified right on time by your Android device. You can create new reminder notes and attach a reminder date to existing notes.

New Text Note

You're on the move and want to take a note? Don't worry about typing, use speech recognition.

Note Keywords, Task, To-Do List

Use tags to organize your notes. Create your own tags and manage notes by topic.

Be Social

Be social. Share notes with your friends.

Search Notes

Find things fast. Search your notes by key word, text or tag.

Manage Notes

Browse and surf through your notes: one by one, in list view or by topic.

Send Note

Link up with other applications. Store a website url directly from your browser or send notes directly via email.

Also check our GTD hack and data privacy policy to see how we take care.

Note taking on Android

Note Monger is made for Android devices. It's easy to use, fast and right on the spot. Don't have the latest super-duper-prime smartphone? Don't worry. Note Monger runs well on small phones and less powerful devices.

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