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How to jumpstart with Getting Things Done in 5 minutes: a 5-step approach

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a popular technique for self management. While there are sophisticated tools and an overwhelming number of guidelines available, a crisp fast-track is desireable.

We show how to get going right away in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: It needs to be done? Create a reminder note.

These are your GTD next-actions, things for immediate attention. Create reminder notes for today or any other day. Assign priorities/stars.

Step 2: It needs to be done but you're busy? Create a reminder note.

This is your GTD inbox. When you're busy just park the task in your inbox to keep track of it. This keeps your head clear. Later check the reminder to decide whether you want to deal with it or ignore it (delete). Avoid distraction, stay focused when you're busy. Pick the importants from the urgents later, when you have time.

Step 3: You're waiting for it? Tag a note "waiting for".

This is your GTD delegation list. Somebody is doing it for you or you're waiting for it. Create a tag "waiting for" and tag notes as such. Maybe add a reminder to follow up on a certain day.

Step 4: You have a great idea? Create an "idea" note.

This is your GTD long-term-projects list. Create a tag "idea" and tag notes as such. Visit your ideas to add thoughts or refinements - and never lose track of them.

Step 5: Review weekly.

Scan your "idea" and "waiting for" lists when you have idle time. This is a great way to reflect on things and stay on track. Use lunch breaks, Friday afternoons or idle times. Review when you're waiting in line or using public transport.

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